Drone flight & data management

Simply efficient

With its simple, mission block-based flight planning, multi-flight projects and built-in Flight Data Manager, eMotion 3 helps you get your drone in the air quickly and minimise the time you spend planning flights and managing the data you collect.

eMotion 3 makes professional flight and data management a breeze­—minimising the time you need to spend planning missions, managing battery changes and preparing the data you collect. So you can focus on results, not on operations.

  • Simple mission block flight planning—mission blocks are the core components of every automatic eMotion 3 mission (more below)
  • Supports multi-flight missions for highly efficient larger-scaled projects—just land, swap the drone’s battery and re-launch to continue the same mission
  • Import up-to-date elevation data—for safer, more terrain-accurate flights
  • Built-in Flight Data Manager—handles the georeferencing & preparation of images required for further photogrammetric processing—vastly reducing third-party software compatibility issues—plus RTK/PPK processing and validation

Full 3D environment

eMotion 3’s full 3D environment adds a new dimension to drone flight management—helping you to more accurately plan, simulate and control your drone’s trajectory for safer flights, more consistent performance and improved data quality.

The connected centre of your drone workflow

eMotion 3 is an ever-evolving workflow hub. It connects wirelessly to your drone, to industry cloud solutions, to survey-grade base stations and to Air Navigation’s pilot app to improve mid-air safety. It even includes live weather updates.

One software, every senseFly drone & payload

eMotion 3 is the only professional-grade drone software to support both fixed-wing and multirotor operations. Use it to manage every senseFly drone* and all senseFly camera payloads—from RGB to multispectral and thermal infrared.